About Carol Hartland

I am a San Franciscan and passionate about wine, jazz, strength training, and New York City.

My most ardent wine loves include every wine and grape from the Loire Valley, Champagne, Pinot Noir, and field blends.

In 2012 I received an advanced certificate, awarded with distinction, from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. And while I am proud of that accomplishment, I am also keenly aware that it marks only the beginning of my wine education. There is so vastly much more to learn about the vine! Fortunately, wine knowledge is cumulative, and hopefully, life is long, which means many years ahead yet for me of tasting, learning, listening, and traveling in pursuit of wine. As a perpetual learner with a mind that is fast and full and intensely curious, my ever-developing palate and I are relishing every sip of this adventure.